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  • Pore Detail Overview

    Lesson: Pore Detail Overview

  • Stamping Setup

    Lesson: Stamping Setup

  • Initial Pore Pass

    Lesson: Initial Pore Pass

  • Helpful Shapekey

    Lesson: Helpful Shapekey

  • Detailing the Eyes

    Lesson: Detailing the Eyes

  • Detailing the Lips

    Lesson: Detailing the Lips

  • Detailing Imperfections

    Lesson: Detailing Imperfections

  • Detailing the Ears

    Lesson: Detailing the Ears

  • Sculpting Wrinkles

    Lesson: Sculpting Wrinkles

  • Pore Depth Testing

    Lesson: Pore Depth Testing

  • Modeling the Eyes

    Lesson: Modeling the Eyes

  • Modeling Glasses

    Lesson: Modeling Glasses

  • Modeling a Clothing Pattern

    Lesson: Modeling a Clothing Pattern

  • Cloth Simulation I

    Lesson: Cloth Simulation I

  • Cloth Simulation II

    Lesson: Cloth Simulation II

  • Finalize Clothing Model

    Lesson: Finalize Clothing Model

  • Sculpting Clothing Accents

    Lesson: Sculpting Clothing Accents

  • Building a Parametric Stamped Metal Material

    Tutorial: Building a Parametric Stamped Metal Material

  • Creating Procedural Sand Dunes

    Exercise: Creating Procedural Sand Dunes

  • Video Editing Quiz

    Quiz: Video Editing Quiz