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So either you’re a Blender fanatic who has been given the green light to start your Blender class at school or work, or you drew the short straw and have to teach it next week without any idea what you’re doing. :) 

Don’t worry, either way, this guide is here to help you become familiar with the Blender, its community, and tips for teaching it to large groups. 

We’ll be taking a 30,000ft view to give you foundations to craft your class, or to gain a better understanding of Blender.

Learning 3D can be incredibly overwhelming, yet highly rewarding for those that stick with it. As with anything, it’s a skill that can be learned through repetition, taking things slow, and managing expectations. 

What's included

  • 29-page teaching Blender guide, 
  • Bonus classroom materials PDF with 3 printable quizzes, hot key guide, and Blender glossary page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this guide going to teach me Blender?

No, though is to be the map to help you find your way. There are thousands of places online to learn Blender, including the Blender Basics at CG Cookie. The goal of this guide is to have you become familiar with the Blender community, and how to prepare to teach Blender in the classroom.

Do you offer a discount to active students and teachers?

CG Cookie offers a 50% discount on team accounts, educators, and active students. To redeem the discount on individual membership, please fill out this form. 

Interested in a team account for your classroom? 
If you have five or more in your group, email to get set up with a team account. Team owners have the ability to invite/revoke access to members of their team. 

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