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CATCH - Creating a Pokéball in Blender

Intro To Motion Graphics (Blender Course)

RIG - Blender's Character Rigging Playbook

Bug Bots: Hard Surface Creature Creation in Blender

What to expect as a CG Cookie Member

We go way beyond video tutorials. We are a community of creatives that are passionate about learning computer graphics and supporting each other.

Access to 100+ High Quality Blender Courses

Access to 100+ High Quality Blender Courses

Learn at your own pace with in-depth courses from professional instructors. Our instructors have vast professional experience in the world of 3D and are also great teachers, which is a somewhat rare combination. To top it off, we don't take ourselves too seriously so expect to be entertained while you learn. A CG Cookie membership gives you instant access to every course, which you can stream or download to work offline.

Instructor Feedback

Instructor Feedback

You aren't just buying a bunch of videos. You get direct interaction with the instructor. Courses include exercises for you to submit. The instructor will review them and send along personal feedback on your work? Have a question? Bring it on! Ask a question while you work through the course and we'll lend a hand to get you over any bumps in the road.

Project File Downloads

Project File Downloads

We provide everything you need to finish the course and take your 3D skills to the next level or the moon or that big studio or wherever you are heading. Your subscription gives you access to download all the extras for free. That's addons, templates, brushes and much more for nothing extra. You're basically getting your text books and your art supplies for free.

Community Support

Community Support

You are not alone! CG Cookie has ~3000 citizens all learning together. You have classmates around the world in every time zone. Post a question on our community forum and work through lessons together or get answers from community members who have already been through the course and come out the other end. You can also chat all things CG in real time on our Discord.

Share Your Work

Share Your Work

As you make your way through CG Cookie courses, you're going to start creating an accidental portfolio. Get your work out there and share it in the Student Gallery. We also choose student work to showcase on our socials now and again like the cool kids. So you can get all the likes, love and encouragement from the community and beyond!

Find out why 3000+ students trust CG Cookie

CG Cookie is a small bootstrapped crew, founded on a laptop during a morning train ride commute, passionate about helping you succeed with Blender. We don't grow by mass funding, we grow by helping you.

I’m really grateful that I signed up for CG Cookie. I was an absolute beginner with no previous experience with Blender when I discovered this awesome website and now I have learned so much from these expert teachers. From the Fundamentals of Blender to the advanced course, CG Cookie is accessible for anyone with any level of 3D experience.

Austin Farmer

Before using CG Cookie I was struggling to find a productive learning flow. With their structured course content, my skill level has increased 10-fold. I signed up for the yearly subscription and I still don’t think I will get through all the videos. There is so much content to learn from. A+ service and I will be continuing my training with them along my 3D career.

Crypto Magpie

I work as a 3D Artist and studying at CGCookie was crucial to achieving this goal. It's not only a school to improve my skills as 3D artist, but also a acommunity where people help each other.

João Pedro Gaelzer

I've been a member of CG Cookie for about 5 years. I've always been so impressed with the quality and breadth of the courses available, it's very easy to find something new to learn and have fun with. Another aspect that I love is the sense of community, it's great to chat with other artists on the forums and see what people are up to in the Gallery.

Keith Tomlinson

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CG Cookie?

We're a small crew of humans creating tasty Blender software training + add-ons for the global #b3d community to consume through this online learning platform. Our instructors are here to answer your questions and point you in the right direction to achieve your personal success with 3D.

Stream Blender tutorials, ask questions, challenge yourself with an exercise and share your work in the student gallery.

Happy Blending!

Where can I download Blender?

Blender as a software is free to use, free to share, and free to sell your work 3D software.

Head over to to download your copy. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

What could I create with Blender?

As the most downloaded 3D software, it could be used to create a variety of creations. From 3D Models, video editing, interactive 3D projects, 3D graphics and advanced animation tools.  

The Blender software is used on AAA games like Smash Bros (Nintendo), TV shows like Westworld (HBO), and feature films like NextGen (Netflix). NASA engineers use it, too!

In the end it's up to you and your imagination!

What goes into creating a Blender tutorial?

A standalone 10-minute video can take up to one week to produce, with an entire 3D tutorial taking months to create. A lot of effort goes into each video before we even hit record, with sketching, planning, and building.

It's worth it! We view each of our tutorials as a product, a production if you will. A final product that each of us would be proud to showcase in our own portfolios.