Intro To Motion Graphics (Blender Course)

Nathan Duck

Explore looping motion graphics with CG Cookie and Ducky 3D!

Let's learn the Essentials of Motion Graphics with Blender

Welcome to the "Introduction to Motion Graphics" course, a designed journey for Blender artists transitioning from beginners to intermediate levels.

With fourteen lessons, some extending into multi-part modules, this course is structured to teach and immerse you in the practical aspects of motion graphics creation using Blender.

I'm providing a startup file and a project files folder available for download for Premium Members, ensuring you can follow along from exactly where I begin.

Whether you're picking up from the "start here" marker or diving into specific lesson exports, the resources are structured to cater to your individual pace and preference.

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Course Overview

Lesson 01

Creating Seamless Looping in Blender

Starting with the innovative "box method," you'll learn to construct scenes that loop, ensuring a continuous flow without visible breaks.

Lesson 02

Basics of Shader Workspace

This approach emphasizes two primary applications: creating detailed surface effects and leveraging materials as powerful tools for generating visually compelling patterns.

Lesson 03

Masking and Pattern Distortion in Blender

Learn to create patterns with procedural materials. This lesson introduces advanced concepts such as masking and distorting existing patterns.

Lesson 04

Animation with Geometry Nodes

This is our first dive into geometry nodes. You will learn a simple setup that gives you a lot of creative flexibility.

Lesson 05

Pushing Geometry Nodes to New Heights

This lesson builds off of the previous lesson. It takes what we just learned and takes it a lot further to show the potential of geometry nodes.

Lesson 07

Crafting a Chipped Paint Material in Blender

We will procedurally make a realistic paint material. This lesson will teach you how this process can yield a wide variety of materials, setting you up for the materials we will make in later lessons.

Lesson 08

Geometry Nodes and Shading in Blender: A Plexus Style System

This lesson is another big geometry nodes lesson. We will learn how to delete geometry procedurally, make a plexus-inspired pattern, and a very detailed and animated scifi material.

Lesson 09

Exploring Procedural Animation and Material Techniques in Blender

This lesson will show you how to create animatable patterns in the shader editor and align them to form a grid pattern. We will learn a very powerful looping technique for using procedural patterns.

Lesson 10

Let's Talk Procedural Animation in Blender

The previous lesson set us up for this one. This entire lesson is procedural from the displacement to the pattern that makes the hills. This is a very dense lesson.

Lesson 11

Use Text In Blender For Motion Graphics

We will learn everything about how to use the text tool. Then we will take that and show how materials can enhance the text geometry. We will also learn how to customize our keyframes for better motion.

Lesson 12

Volumetrics and Camera Shake in Blender

Rendered entirely in Eevee, we will learn how to manipulate volume to create space clouds, a simple geometry nodes particle system, and how to make looping camera shake.

Lesson 13

Crafting a Looping Animation with Dynamic Spheres

This is a fun one, we will be making a kinetic animation that allows the spheres to roll around and loop the camera on a new axis we haven't done yet in the course.

Lesson 14

Building a Dynamic Environment with Geometry Nodes

This is the BIG geometry nodes scene to finalize the course. We will be building an entire environment in geometry nodes and using the kinetic principles to get the ball to roll around. This lesson uses bits of almost every lesson in this course!

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  • Michallis Pashidis(michallis) ·

    I personally loved the course, crunchable sessions with each time a fascination result. After some lessons, patterns arise, and you start to get a grip on a good foundation. A lot of room to discover new ways, based on the foundational knowledge learned in this course. 

    Being new to motion graphics, I'm happy  to have this as my first course :-). Well done Nathan, thank you very much for sharing your valuable knowledge.