CATCH - Creating a Pokéball in Blender


A Blender training(er) tutorial with CG Cookie and Kaizen! 

Learn Blender hard-surface modeling, and dive into Geometry Nodes.

By tackling topics such as hard-surface modeling, shading, texture painting, decals, animation and Geometry Nodes you can be sure to feel more comfortable in your abilities as a Blender user by the end of this! 

...And have a custom Pokémon ball to use in the field! 😎

With 20 video lessons 3 student exercises and 2 quizzes this is a great course to learn and get mentor feedback along the way for Premium members. 

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Course Overview

Chapter One

Covering the Basics and choosing a render engine.

This course begins with  3D modeling principles, followed by lessons on texturing,  rigging, and constraints for animation, and using Geometry Nodes for procedural workflows.

Chapter two

The creation of the Pokéball

In this 1st real action lesson for the CATCH course we'll be diving into Blender 3D to create the outer shell of this courses subject; The Pokéball!

Chapter three

Texturing and Shading our 3D Model

These lessons cover the basics of procedural shading, advanced techniques using smart masks, detail enhancement through texture painting, and the application of decals. A quiz follows, testing your knowledge!

Chapter Four

Diving into Rigging and Animation

This chapter focuses on animating a Pokéball, starting with rigging, enhancing it through Geometry Nodes, and optionally exploring rigidbody simulation using Geometry Nodes if time permits.

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1 Review
  • Martin Aversa(cgtin) ·

    I'd say this is a good course for beginners, it shows you some cool techniques both for modeling and texturing. The rigging and animation are a good friendly aproach if you are still a bit new to those concepts.

    10/10 recommend

    • author Wes Burke(wesburke) ·

      Hey Martin, thank you for the review and taking the course! 

    • author kaizen ·

      Thanks for reviewing my course. I'm happy to hear you found it useful and beginner friendly!