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Jan 5th 2024

Welcome to the new year at CG Cookie! At the core of our mission lies a belief that drive isn't just an external push; it's an internal force, shaping how we see the world and inspiring us to pursue personal and professional growth relentlessly.

Our commitment at CG Cookie, Blender Market, Orange Turbine and as the hosts to BCONLA is to foster and elevate creatives in the Blender community. It's at the heart of everything we do. 

As we embark on 2024, I encourage you to picture where you want to be a year from now - envision your knowledge, accomplishments, and the life you wish to lead. Dream ambitiously, then map out the steps to realize those dreams.

What would have to happen? 🤔

I am excited to showcase the incredible work our dedicated team of Blender fanatics from the Cookie has accomplished this year, all aimed at helping you reach new heights and achieve your dreams.

Happy Blending, and here's to a year of making visions come to life!

MAKE IT: 3D Printing with Blender and a Prusa Printer

Prusa Printer course image in Blender

Learn Blender fundamentals in our course and learn to craft diverse 3D models for printing. Transform creative ideas into tangible 3D-printed objects.

Stream Course

BLENDER BASICS: An Introduction to Blender 3D 4.X


Discover the amazing world of Blender 3D! Get ready to master the essentials of this powerful tool, from navigating the viewport to working with Blend files. You'll learn everything you need to know to get started with Blender. Join us today and unlock your full potential with Blender!

Stream Course

TREAD: Hard Surface Asset Creation for Video Games

Discover the full workflow of hard surface modeling in Blender with TREAD. Learn to use modifiers and non-destructive techniques for intricate designs, efficient UV unwrapping for high-quality textures, and bring your models to life in Unreal Engine. Perfect for mastering the game asset pipeline.

Stream Course

SESSIONS: Macro - Six Blender Projects


A variety of Blender projects designed to be created in 2 hours, start to finish. The theme uniting these projects is like macro photography: realistic tight close shots adorned in depth of field bokeh.

Stream Course

MODIFY - A complete guide on Blender's modifiers


Dive into the "Fundamentals of Modifiers" course, exploring all mesh modifiers from the Generate and Deform columns, excluding Geometry Nodes. Master the essentials with us!

Stream Course

Retopology with RetopoFlow 3


RetopoFlow, the premier retopology add-on for Blender, helps to quickly create new low poly geometry on top of high poly sculpts and scans. In this tutorial series, Jonathan Lampel walks through how to use each of the sketch-based tools and the overall retopology workflow so that you can learn to draw out new topology like a pro. 

Stream Course

SESSIONS: Minimalism - Learn to create more with less


Learn to create more Blender projects more often and with more variety. This tutorial course teaches a less-is-more approach for creating stunning renders with broad, competent skills.

Stream Course

Blender Animation Bootcamp 2023


Looking to perfect your animation skills? Our Blender course is designed for motivated students with a beginner's understanding of Blender animation. Led by pro animator Wayne Dixon, the Animation Bootcamp is the perfect next step to becoming a first-class animator. 

Stream Course

REV: Model a Low Poly Muscle Car


A Blender modeling tutorial focused on hard surface fundamentals while building a low poly car. 

Stream Course

Curious what we have in our ovens for the next year? Check out our Blender coming soon tutorial page. 


Wes Burke
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