Join our virtual studio via Collabs (And more sneaks from CG Cookie oven)

Mar 31st 2021

Curious what's going on at CG Cookie?

Short answer: lots.

We release a hero course every month.

(Incidentally, "hero" doesn't mean that our trainers wear a cape while recording it - although it's encouraged - it means "super-comprehensive, extensive, potentially life-saving".)

This is our latest hero course...

Fundamentals of Texturing in Blender 

From image textures and mapping to PBR and procedural texturing, learn how to texture any 3d model.

We publish weekly YouTube videos 

The goal is simple: to spread the Blender gospel through the land.

This video is now trending...

5 Tools You Need To Make ANYTHING in Blender

Start with nothing but a cube and use these tools to take your model in any direction.  

There is also our bi-weekly series "Let's Build it in Blender" with short, effective workflows perfect for beginners and intermediate Blenderheads.

This is a great episode of the Let's Build it in Blender series:

Modeling a Car Body in Less Than 10 Minutes

Learn how to create a stylized car model, starting with the body. 

Our crew is also producing a super-mega-ultra Blender course

That's a real beast that takes months, nay, years to create!

Kent Trammell is now working on Mega Master Course on Character Portraits (expected in the fall of 2021).

Here is how it's going so far...

Portrait of Simon, by Kent Trammell

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, by Kent Trammell

And this is just Kent warming up...

What you can look forward to: the most in-depth course Kent has ever embarked on, with detailed step-by-step workflow from a ball of digital clay to photo-realistic render.

Including sculpting, modeling, texturing, shading, hair, lighting, and rendering.  All 100% Blender, no addons. 

*insert excited shrieks*

On top of the above, we also tend to our daily CG Cookie tasks:

  • grading exercises 
  • checking on our Community forums, 
  • answering questions related to courses
  • keeping on top of our meme game (high priority)
  • monitoring the latest Blender developments

Well, it's safe to say: we're not bored.

But there's more!

Blender Collaborations are coming in April 2021

Collaborations = CG Cookie community working together as a remote creative studio.

Here is the result of our first collab

If this makes you absolutely pumped (as it should!) you have an opportunity to take part in the next collab!

What is it like to join a CG Cookie collab?

  • work with artists around the globe
  • experience a real-life studio workflow
  • stick to timelines and constraints
  • create a hugely impressive result together

CG Cookie’s mission is to provide a safe educational environment to give you exposure to working at a real creative studio. Collabs give you exactly that.

Learn more about the first Collab of 2021 with Kent Trammell 

In May 2021, Kent Trammell is back with a new Eevee Environment course

It's official: Kent is working on a brand new hero course!

If this looks familiar, that's because you saw this environment in the Heavy Equipment collaboration.

You'll learn to create this raw, dingy, super realistic underground garage environment from scratch.

In summer 2021, we're all about Eat(ing) Sheep

Eat Sheet is our much-loved game which gave rise to some classic CG Cookie characters, including our mascot Melvin.

This summer, we are going back to it and creating something new...

It's too early to reveal it just yet, but I can tell you that Jonathan Lampel and Wayne Dixon will be dabbling with asset creation and animation.

And that's a wrap!

I truly hope this gets you excited for all things coming to CG Cookie.

Here is where you can stay on top of Cookie news...

Thank you for supporting the Cookie team, loving our Blender goodies, and sharing them with friends looking to get into Blender. 

Happy Blending! 

Wes Burke

CEO, CG Cookie

P.S. As we keep adding new Blender courses, remember that you have access to courses we've created previously: hundreds of video training on almost all aspects of Blender.

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