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    Knowing which buttons to press is not enough. Understand how professional artists solve problems and make workflow choices.

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    See the big picture and become a truly well-rounded artist by exploring the full creative pipeline, all in one membership.

  • Don't Do This Alone

    Art is about connection: get in touch with 1000s of Cookieholics to network, bounce ideas, find inspiration, and make new friends.

  • How Will You Engage

    Livestreams, exercises, community forum... join the buzz! Check out the calendar for events & rants from the CG Cookie Crew.

Supporting artists while being a force of good in the community

Story of CG Cookie

In CG Cookie mythology, the company name was coined on a 2-hour train commute to work.

"I think I was just sleep deprived," is the common explanation given by Wes Burke who started CG Cookie in 2007 as a patchwork of CG news, images and job postings.

With close friends and family coming on board to help, CG Cookie was incorporated in 2010 and finally started collecting subscribers.

Over the years, CG Cookie has grown to become one of the leading digital art educators with more than 500,000 users globally, though the essence of the company hasn't changed. We continue to operate as a small team of dedicated artists who love working together, go on annual retreats and know many of our users by name.

To make sure we have our hands on the pulse of the industry, we still run CG Cookie as a creative studio, with passion projects like our Eat Sheep mobile game, a self-produced book The Art of Blender or a clay sculpting starter kit, the SculptBox.

From day 1, we have been a bootstrapped company that has never taken outside investment and are staying true to our mission of being a force of good in the community.

We don't make cookies. But we are great at showing digital artists how to kick butt. Also, send more coffee.

A website app that is working for you

CG Cookie is an advanced learning platform designed to help you thrive as an artist.

Created by artists for artists, CG Cookie offers a positive learning environment built for your success. With progress tracking, quizzes, and exercises, community events, contests, and an active global forum.

"No Giggles During Lessons!"
Said nobody at CG Cookie, Ever.

Because art is 50% passion, 50% expression, and 50% fun. (We said it's art, not math.)

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