Art of Sculpting in Blender

Kent Trammell

This course is unique in that it's not linear. Instead it's a collection of chapters focused around the same context of "Digital Sculpting." Periodically new chapters will be added.

Get back to the basics of sculpting.

The popularity of digital sculpting in recent years has produced a plethora of incredible artworks. Artists like Kolby Jukes, Rafael Grasseti, and Furio Tedeschi have showcased the creative potential and opportunity offered by digital sculpting that you and I can tap into. The only thing standing in our way is the time required to hone our sculpting skill set. So let’s start practicing!

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Awarded upon completion:
100xp +
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1 Review

    I couldn't wait to write a review after I finished the Authentic 2D-to-3D Translation module. I am so happy with the result and it has been an incredible journey to learn from an instructor who is a true artist and Blender master as well.

    You might need good background knowledge or you must have sculpted for a little while before you start the course. Personally, I appreciate that Kent's not going through the whole basics all over again.