Modeling Stylized Hair

  • Software:Blender 2.77  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

All the hair, none of the strands.

Stylized hair is prominent in cartoon genre's like anime, manga, comic books, and Disney animation to name a few. It's a popular artistic approach to visualize hair without needing to address individual hairs.

What You'll Learn

The workflow in this lesson focuses on using bezier curves to easily generate and edit locks of hair:
  • Setting up taper and bevel curve objects.
  • Easy duplication of variation of tapers and bevels.
  • Scalp population and hair styling using bezier handles.
The benefit of using curves instead of polygon-modeling, for example, is the ease of modification involving only 2-3 edit points per hair lock. Polygon modeling a hairstyle like this would be more of a manual and destructive workflow. Hair lock profiles couldn't be easily changed or swapped out in large quantities.
hair-example_01 hair-example_02 hair-example_03 hair-example_05

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