RIG - Blender's Character Rigging Playbook

Wayne Dixon

Rigging a character in Blender can be pretty daunting.

There is a lot of technical wizardry that needs to be understood to effectively achieve your goal of having a character rig that can move in the way you want and is also easy to animate. RIG aims to make that achievable for you.

Don’t you hate it when you try to learn something from a video tutorial only to forget everything by the time you go to put that learning into practice? Nobody wants to watch all that content again just to remember a few of those small bits you can’t quite remember.

RIG is a little bit different in that regard.

The aim of this course is 2 fold. First it aims to teach you the why and how behind some of the most common setups you will need to master for rigging a biped character. Secondly it aims for you to never have to watch the tutorials again by providing you with all the detailed schematics of each of the setups and teaching you how to read them.

It’s like having the recipe book full of all the main meals you’re going to need to make. If you forget how to make that meal, you can look it up in the recipe book and get an instant reminder.

This is the first of many releases, with this initial launch focused on all the parts that are common to most biped characters you are likely going to rig. Later releases will focus on modular parts that are more style specific. (for example, different types of facial setups etc)

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What you will learn

In RIG, CG Cookie instructor Wayne Dixon will pick up where he left off in the Fundamentals of Rigging Course and deepen your understanding so you can learn to rig a biped character.

Chapter 1

How to think like a Rigger

You won’t simply be following along. You will learn how to think like a rigger from how to name your bones all the way to how to do complex things like parent switching or custom property drivers.

Chapter 2

Small parts of the bigger picture

Before putting together some complex setups (like a bendy IK-FK switching Leg) you will learn all of the smaller parts that go into this. Then you will build upon your existing knowledge and practice to create more complex setups.

Chapter 3

Reading the schematics

Remembering all this stuff is taxing on those brain cells. So until your knowledge is been internalized you can refer back to the schematics without having to watch hours of tutorials again and again.

Chapter 4

Rig a biped character

By the end of the course you will know how to build a top quality character rig with UI controls that you will be proud to animate.

PLUS: Luna Helmet Rig with LED Face Setup Included!

Download the complete rig file for Luna's helmet, complete with a UI for toggling through different faces. This file can be used as a learning example to see how it all works!

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