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Paul Caggegi

Office Hours - Paul's Office - Hours Monday 2PM/Thursday TBC
Hey everyone! I'll be starting my Discord Office Hours beginning 15th May. I plan to be flexible to accommodate non-US question askers, so I am proposing two time slots which should work: Monday US CST 14:00 (Monday UTC 18:00 - UK 19:00) or Teusday US CST 15:00 (Thursday UTC 19:00 - UK 20:00)

Obviously I'm ready to answer questions about Grease Pencil, PANELS or anything covered in my weekly livestreams that you might want more clarification on, but I am also open to a range of topics including:

  • modelling
  • shading
  • compositing

These office hours will take place on Discord and will be recorded for later viewing for anyone who missed it, or wishes to learn about that week's topic. If the topic requires me to look at a specific file you need help with, upload your .blend to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, We transfer, etc then share the link in your question. Don't forget to pack any external data such as images or textures into your .blend file! (I'll kindly remind you if I get pink vertex colors or errors)

So, let's get the ball rolling! Have a question for me? Post it below!

Active CG Cookie members get first priority, but we're happy to help out anyone. For more information about Office Hours, check out Amber's recent blog post:

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  • sheila5 replied

    Hi Paul. I have a question about Panels. I've stopped working on it for a long time because I can't get anywhere with the drawing part. Unless I use the ink pen I get dots and not a nice line to draw with, I use the premade graphic pen but it's unworkable this way tbh. Also my drawing skills are just not good enough. Should I just drop the course? 

    ps I've put the file in the chat of the new office hours in discord


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  • wardred replied

    I just want to thank Paul for taking so much time with my question tonight.

    I have been fascinated by OtaKing's animations.  He did a how to video:

    Nobody else was on the channel with us, so I asked Paul if it was possible to do hand drawn highlights like OtaKing did using grease pencil.

    Paul used the line art modifier, and a shader he recreated live to give a toon art feel to things without using the toon bsdf shader.  Then the final grease pencil collection was for hand painted highlights.  Bonus, one more collection for gun blasts!

    I hope the recording turns out, it was pretty great.

    Thanks Paul!

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  • Paul Caggegi replied

    wardred you're so welcome! If I can edit down my rambling noodling, I will post something here. Otherwise it might make for a good livestream to revisit at some point.

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  • sheila5 replied

    I didn't get a mention about the time that your office hours were. Will It be at the same time next week? I was asleep at that time, hope to see the video.

  • wardred replied


       Even if you don't post yesterday's recording, could you do a screen shot of the shader you created.  (Or if you have a refined version of the one you did live, a screen shot of that?)

       I know it'd be a good starting point for me, and I think others would like a look.

    Edit: I didn't realize you have a toon shader you're selling.  I'd love the simple shader to explore that more, but I wouldn't expect the "full featured" toon shader.

    Edit 2: It'd make an awesome livestream.

  • Paul Caggegi replied

    Hi sheila5 - I'm still getting used to making these office hours a more regular thing, and a nailing down a good time-slot. I'll be flexible around the question-asker, and keep it to Monday afternoons/Tuesday mornings. I'll edit down the segment for your question also, and put it on this thread ASAP. wardred - the simple toon shader for Eevee is free to download and use, and is a more complex version of what we discussed, with a couple added features! I'll try and refine what we went through (I'm not entirely happy with the recording as I noodled around alot like I didn't know what I was doing haha) and provide a screengrab, sure. Here are a couple of links to help you:

    Those should do a far better job explaining what we went through in the last session. I'll get back to you with those screengrabs!

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  • wardred replied


       That's awesome, thanks again!

       I can appreciate not liking the noodling.  I came at you kind of cold with this one, so there wasn't a chance for you to review things.  I learned a lot from the stream, got a black and white shader working with the greater than/less than, and had fun.

  • Paul Caggegi replied

    Heads up - next Office Hours will be held at this time to accommodate question-asker in Taiwan:

  • Paul Caggegi replied

    sheila5 - Here is the edited segment from Office Hours re: brush settings

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  • Paul Caggegi replied

    Text tips for PANELS:

  • sheila5 replied

    Thanks Paul. I hope you're feeling better!

  • Wes Burke replied

    Hey everyone, 

    This is the last week for Office Hours

    For the past few months, CG Cookie’s team of instructors has made themselves available to have an open mic to answer questions from our community, and it’s been a lot of fun. So many exciting projects and questions from the community. ❤️

    As this experiment ends this week, please join me in a massive thank you to the instructors for making themselves available, sometimes at odd hours, to help elevate those in the community. If they were helpful to you, please let it be known below. 

    We’re passionate about helping you make cool stuff with Blender and will continue to innovate and evolve ways we can mentor and help those also looking to wield the power of Blender. 

    If you did participate in Office Hours, we’d love to hear from you either below or by answering a few quick questions below. 

    Submit your Office Hours feedback - 

    Thanks again and happy Blending! 

    Wes Burke

    Founder, CG Cookie