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PANELS: Create a Comic Book with Grease Pencil in Blender

Paul Caggegi

Create your own comic book while learning about Grease Pencil in Blender 3D

In 2018, Blender added Grease Pencil to its suite of tools

Grease Pencil grew out of an annotation tool used for quick sketching, but in a few short years, it's become a tool in which any 2D artwork can be created in a 3D environment.

Grease Pencil is a must-have tool in your Blender arsenal (even if you prefer 3d creation)

From storyboarding to sketching, texturing, illustration, and even animation, Grease Pencil enhances the skillset of 3d creators. 

It does come with a unique learning curve, which is where PANELS comes in. Designed for Grease Pencil beginners, this course will show you a full workflow based on this powerful tool. 

More than just learning what buttons to push, this course will show you how to utilize Grease Pencil in a real production project.

Comics are as popular as ever, and with print-on-demand services, all you need is a good idea to get your own comic book in front of an audience. 

You will walk away with a solid understanding of Grease Pencil's capabilities - as well as with your own comic book, ready for print.

What you will learn in PANELS, this Blender Grease Pencil course

Chapter One - Setting up:

  • Be introduced to the Grease Pencil
  • Create and install your own custom Start Up file
  • Set up a US Standard Comic template
  • Lay out your comic interiors

Chapter Two - Let's make a comic:

  • Thumbnail from a script
  • Penciling
  • Inking
  • Color flatting
  • Shading and textures
  • Extra effects

Chapter Three - Finishing:

  • Details
  • Lettering
  • Cover design
  • Render for Print

Print on Demand services

My go-to preferred P.O.D service is Ka-Blam Digital Printing. The main reason here is that they will take RGB TIFF files - a format which Blender can export readily.

There are other services out there and I invite you to take a look, but the main caveat here is that most require a collated PDF of your book ready for printing.

Some alternative P.O.D Services:

NOTE: BLENDER CANNOT EXPORT A PDF and this course won't cover that.

There are many free and online PDF creation tools you can use, and the rendered TIFF files will be sufficient for this purpose.

Some free PDF services:

Not into memberships?

We get it, you may only be interested in this subject, and are not looking for instructor feedback.

This Grease Pencil Blender course is for sale individually on the Blender Market today. 😎

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4 Reviews
  • jammingammon ·

    Paul does a great job explaining grease pencil, and giving you a solid workflow for creating a comic. The course has fun assignments, to get you started on applying your knowledge right away.

  • k
    Kseniia Khodina(kseniiakhodina) ·

    I was so elated from the beginning to the end of the course. Massive thanks to Paul for teaching and simplifying difficult topics. Thank you for all you put into the success of this course. Really appreciate your intellectual teaching.

  • jcdelaronde ·

    Paul is an amazing teacher and a master when it comes to Grease Pencil.
    This is a great course to get you started with the 2D side of things.

    Check it out, you won't regret it.

  • Dwayne Savage(dillenbata3) ·

    I learned a lot and can't wait to use this info in my own projects.