Bennie Griffin

Level 5

Rank: 59
I have always been Fascinated with what the World of CG had to offer, whether it were VFX for Blockbuster Movies, Animation Films or AAA Games. As a child I always wanted to create characters of my own, overwhelmed with creativity and ideas but had no idea where to start. After few years had passed I started browsing the internet looking for 3D Software Packages where most were Commercial and overly expensive… then one day I discovered Blender. I was so amazed at the results talented CG Artists around the world had produced ONLY using Blender. Blender’s UI at the time was so intimidating to me but because of my Passion for Art nothing was going to prevent me from accumulating knowledge to grow as an Artist. After watching tutorials after tutorials and A LOT of Practice I became accustomed with Blender. Because of Blender’s ongoing changes and feature implementations I learn something new every day. I’m mostly a Hobbyist but it would be great to one day be employed by a Company as a CG Artist.