TunaBot Work In Progress

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After sketching a little robot guy made from a tuna can, I decided to attempt to model him.

Here is the initial doodle, the first basic model, the same but with some temporary materials applied to start getting a feel for what sort of materials I wanted to use and with the inside filled up with a chunk of circuit board like material, the final (barring me deciding to redo it [again]) version of the can label, still temporary materials with labels applied, and the current (12/20) version with his new little pull tab hat.

Things I want to do/am thinking of doing still:

- Make some changes to the materials. The metals are all too similar and there are too many parts that are exactly the same close together.

- Figure out why the label looks so washed out. Current reigning theory is that it's actually fine, but it just looks like that with the current lighting set up.

- Decide what I'm going to do for a 'final' image. Currently thinking I might finally get around to finishing my materials and shading course homework and then put him on the desk too, maybe with a battery like in the original doodle.  That would require either remodelling parts and/or figuring out how things like bones work, though.

- I'd like to work on texturing and such so he doesn't look quite so pristine, but I still have to learn about that too, and it's not the easiest to find ways/tutorials that don't include Substance Painter (which is WAY outside my budget)

UPDATE: 01/05/24

Just continuing to clean up and adjust some things while I work my way slowly through the texturing course Omar Domenech suggested which, so far, has involved remembering to solidify the label area, so I could have the inside areas a different material from the outside (which I'd forgotten to do before), changing some of the eyehole area so it's not bordered on the inside with a layer of metal, and redoing the glass material and the light for the eyes to match what I was thinking more.

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