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approx one year of tutorials and being member of cg cookie... there still is a lot to learn, but happy to see the evolution! and it was fun to revisit an old project.

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  • adrian , otowa , bc_griffin I took your feedback and made some updates (the least I could do :) ). The rocks are not perfect yet, but I guess they tend to be more realistic. I did go through the tutorial and made my own version :).

  • Adrian

    You have made awesome progress in one year slenaerts .
    I do like to see depth of field used in this type of scene, it makes so much difference.
    To improve this further I feel an increase in render samples would go a long way in removing the fire flies.
    You could, enable the Denoising Data pass in the layer properties, then in compositing add a denoise filter node.
    The color is so satisfying, great work.

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      Thx Adrian,

      I'm soon receiving a 3d scan of myself I won with the architecture contest. I'll incorporate myself in the boat and play around with depth of field and render with full sampling/denoising on to update this entry. Great to get so much actionable feedback! Thx guys!

  • Nice vibe!

    To comment on your cliff : I think it "kinda work" for this picture, but cliff pretty much never look like that. It probably looks too soft and undefined. On top of that, it looks like the three big rocks in front of that don't chare the same texture and detail, to the point they almost look like ice blocks compared to the cliff.

    BlenderGuru had a dedicated video on cliffs :

    I love the colors and the soothing feeling overall. Nice work!

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      Thx Thibault, now you say it, I see it also. I'll have a correction round and look at the blender guru video. Cheers!

  • Nice work, Sebastien! I love the subtle touches you added in composition e.g. lens distortion and depth of field. The only criticism I have are the fireflies but apart from that, it looks wonderful. You have come a long way. Well done.

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      Thx Bennie, yes, you caught me there. I did render it with only 200 samples as I'm traveling with my laptop.that should n'y be an excuse 😂. Thx for your feedback!

  • I'm still looking for the best way to generate cliffs (aside from the antlandscape plugin) , I started out with a blockout, used sculpting to give the main forms and applied displacement texture. would be happy to get some feedback.