Low Politan City Work In Progress

This story is a bit funny i think. I've always been touched by a lot of so called "low poly" stuff and i loved a lot of them at once. So i was happy as i found Chunk's video " low poly city building" and i followed this til the end. And then my misunderstanding began - i thought i could make an exercise with a kind of a small city out of low poly building and other stuff of this kind . And so i started to build, to search cgcookies and other resources for more input and one day after another went by and my low poly city grew. The buildings where joined by cars, lorries, trucks and a tram, a german expression for trains running on city streets.. I had to build railways, and i had the idea that it would be fine to integrate the parking area that many of us build by the instructions of Kent. So i constructed tunnels from above to sub of the surface of my city. And of course cars had to run up and down. And trucks should drive on the roads and so the animation began. And i want to "drive " with my cars and trucks and so i mounted the cameras fixed to the cars, trucks and the train. Of course i want to live in an apartment high above "Low Politan City" as i meanwhile call it. At least i can choose between 7 cameras when the animation runs. Of course nothing really is finished, except some buildings. Ah, i forgot to tell you about "Julio" and his brother "Robert", two characters i designed as well at last. Maybe you'll discover them when you look at the video. I hope you'll enjoy it a bit, and of course critics and advice are welcome. So: "Welcome to Low Politan City"
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