John Wick Work In Progress

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Work in Progress.
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  • Great model. The stretching and bunching of the suit is very well done. Did you do the clothes in Blender or Marvelous or something else?

    • Bennie Griffin(bc_griffin) author

      Hey Ben, thank you for your kind feedback. All done within Blender. By practicing each day over the years I have developed a skill and workflow to create any kind of clothing only using Blender. The clothing on my character as it is right now is just a base mesh. Still have to sculpt some details. I've heard about Marvelous Designer but I've never seen it in action. I try my best not to switch softwares when I create a project. Thanks again Ben.

  • I like the look of the model.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Progress looks great, the hair looks awesome and looks like it took a while to get each individual hair.