HUMAN poker player Final

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Constructive criticism, please.  Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I am not the project.  The more feedback, the better I can make the project!

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    I think it's looking good, he feels realistic, not much to critique, though I'm not a character artist so I can only approach it with noob eyes. I like the details with the shark sculpt and the whole casino vibe. He feels like he is worried thinking, do I go all in and risk my house and my life? Am I a gambling addict? Have I really been reduced to this? Why can't I just walk away? And he is looking at the chips trying to decide. I wish you luck mister.

  • Wow! First of all that is excellent work. I am not at your level, still a noob and these are just suggestions from my inexperienced perspective.
    The eyes look intense which is good but the top eyelids look a little too high to the little bulge below the eyebrow.
    The bottom lip doesn't seem to have a transition between the lip and the face and whiskers part.. It looks a little too even or something and the way the light catches it
    But the pics you have may show better how accurate he looks than my perspective. I hope it's helpful otherwise just ignore me 8^]
    Really great work though. I really love what you've done and the expression of focus and intensity at high stakes poker is cool and the shark is icing.