HUMAN the 2nd go around Work In Progress

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Doing a portrait of a buddy of mine.  Still going to put it in a setting, which will take a while as I have to create his hands.  But from what I've learned in HUMAN, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Yes, I took a couple of years off him ... ;-)

I very much look forward to your constructive criticism.

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  • Overall, I think this looks great! Something about it seems a bit waxy looking to me and the hair appears to be about the right length, but is too kinky and curly compared to the reference. But the overall likeness is definitely there! excellent work!

    • Grady Pruitt(gradyp)

      (not sure if it's the lighting or what that's giving me the waxy impression on the skin... but overall I really do like this!)

    • Dirk Bruins(dirkdirk) author

      Grady, Thanks for the helpful comments!

      You are correct, the hair is not quite right and I was not sure how to improve it. I will definitely play around with your suggestions, I think they're spot on.

      Yes, I too thought the skin was a little waxy feeling, esp in the forehead reflection area. I'm going to compose the scene some and set up the lighting I want there and go from there. I remember from the course to try to resolve the waxiness.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Great work, the resemblance is there. And I can't believe the difference a goatee makes. That picture where he is shaved, a totally different person.

    • Dirk Bruins(dirkdirk) author

      Well ... he's also 15 years younger in that picture ... ;-)

  • Wow! Great work! Looks just like him.