Ghost Face Work In Progress

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Work in Progress.
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dangs I love how the rain looks at the top pf the cape in the head. Is that all procedural or and you driving that with a painted texture? Are the rain drops in the cape real meshes or is it on the shader?

    • Bennie Griffin(bc_griffin) author

      Thank you, Omar. It is all procedural. No painted texture, all controlled by mask, math and mapping nodes. I wanted the rain to be dynamic. You don't notice it from a distance but when you look closer, the rain is actually running down his cape. Thanks again, Omar. 🙏

  • It's horribly well done (humor).
    Bravo Bennie.

    • Bennie Griffin(bc_griffin) author

      Thank you for your kind feedback and humour, Claire. 😊 🙏