Chest exercise Final

Here is my take on the chest exercise. Feedback is welcome :) 

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  • Adrian

    Nice work slenaerts,
    Is this a still from the animation?
    It looks great, couple of things I notice though,
    The area around the lock could use some sharper edges.
    And there are quite a few coins intersecting the lid, you probably want to speed up the lid opening in the animation. But then you wouldn't have as many coins exploding when the lid is half open for the still shot,
    Compromise is always a challenge.
    The purple back drop is perfect for all the shiny metal. 👍

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      Thanks Adrian, yeah I should have enabled the collision to the lid as well... Didn't notice how much coins where stuck in the wall 😂.I'll give it an extra go next week and add some sharp edges as well.

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      Hi Adrian, getting a little stuck here, I did a mistake with the coins at a certain point (by mistake created an array of coins that were already stacked within itself (duplicate geometry * 900)) and since my blender chest file is unusable when i try to apply new animations/physics. I did remove ALL coins and ALL effectors, but it seems somewhere there is still some legacy data hanging in this file that calculates for nothing as the objects themselves have all been removed. How can I check this?

  • Since there ain't a like button on every member's projects, I'll create it for myself. 😅
    I LIKE it: (1) the composition. (2) the exact time frame when the coins freeze in the air. (3) the lighting.

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      😂 love your pragmatic approach to the missing like button! Thx @vue for the feedback!