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2 takes of a short cartoon take (reaction), then the following action (optional).

Find a short audio clip to lip sync act along to (about 15 seconds). You will embody the voice. You can go wild with any character you like. You are not limited at all by your appearance.

It will be much harder to choose just 2 versions, but this will force you to practice being critical of your own work. You can still add all the nice moments from the unused takes to your mental encyclopedia.

When uploading: Label your takes and put them in the order of your preference. Add frame counter.

**To critique - pick what take was your favorite and why. Don’t worry so much about if the lip sync is perfect or not.  Have a look at the overall idea.

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    2 takes of a short cartoon take (reaction).
  • 2
    Based on an audio clip.
  • 3
    Actor embodies the voice

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Level 8

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Since 2009, I have been producing high quality character animations for everything from commercials to children's music videos. Working remotely for several small studios, I have been responsible for the rigging and animation of several videos that have received over 100 million views on Youtube. (Making for some very happy clients.)