Community Challenge - Animating a Logo

  • Difficulty:Beginner

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Animation must be 3 seconds in length (30FPS)
  • 2
    You must animate location, rotation and scale of the logo
  • 3
    Submit your animation in video format

Animate a Logo

This community challenge is aimed at beginners who want to test their animation skills in Blender 2.8. Having some knowledge of animation in general will be required. The goal of this challenge is simple, animate the CGCookie logo to create a fun animated sequence that lasts 3 seconds. How you approach the animation of the logo and how long parts of that animation are is entirely up to you. 

The Rig

You'll be provided with the project files needed to complete this challenge. The blend file contains a premade environment that has the CGCookie.com text along with a blue background element. The CGCookie logo is the only piece that is rigged and to be animated. 

Supplemental Training

If you're looking to understand the fundamentals of animation in Blender then look no further than CGCookie to teach you what you need. Wayne Dixon, our resident animation expert and creator of the rig used for this challenge has created some foundational animation courses to get you up to speed quick. 

The Blender Animation Bootcamp will get you up to speed quick on proper animation principles that cover everything to timing, common terminology, and loads of exercises to help solidify that knowledge. 

The chapters discussed used a nearly identical rig setup as the logo used for this challenge, so you can directly apply what you've learned in the course with this challenge.