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Animation Triggers

  • Software:Unity 5.3  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Trigger must be placed near the door and no wider than the doorframe
  • 2
    Player alone must be able to open and close door when nearby
  • 3
    Use the animations and project files provided


In this Unity exercise you will be required to use a trigger in order to enable a door animation. When a player walks into a trigger he will then activate a door open animation. When he leaves the trigger the door will close automatically. 

 Grading Criteria: Minimum of 6 passing votes by community and/or instructor(s) 


  • Download the starting project source files which contains a pre-made Unity scene with all the objects needed in place.
  • Familiarize yourself with Mecanim in Unity by watching the Fundamentals of Mecanim course .
  • Follow the rules on what guidelines you need to follow and have fun!

How to Upload

You will need to upload a Web GL file as a submission. You'll upload your project externally then provide a public link to your index.html file. Here are a few lessons that go into more detail: https://cgcookie.com/lesson/building-for-web-gl/ https://cgcookie.com/lesson/using-web-gl-with-dropbox/ https://cgcookie.com/lesson/publishing-web-gl-with-wordpress/

Instructor Notes

Watch this video for additional guidance in accomplishing this exercise. Though, I encourage you to watch only after attempting the exercise first. Otherwise it defeats the intention of the exercise being a challenge in application of the information learned in the Fundamentals of Mecanim Course. Additionally, Completed files have been included in the Downloads tab to show how this was created.