Geometry Nodes Cheat Sheet free

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Download this PDF with some helpful reminders about the socket colors and shapes in Geometry Nodes as well as a refresher on fields and a list of the important hotkeys to remember.

ASSEMBLE: Introduction to Procedural Modeling with Geometry Nodes

For a full course on modeling and animating with Geometry Nodes, check out this course by Jonathan Lampel. Go to ASSEMBLE

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Jonathan Lampel
5 Reviews
  • d
    okoro dami(dammregggy) ·

    this was disappointing to say the least. not at all what the title message carried. Thanks anyway for the effort

    • author Wes Burke(wesburke) ·

      Hey there, I'm bummed to hear though thank you for checking it out. Any suggestions you'd like to see added to give it more value? 

  • r
    Rodrigo Cunha(rtcunha) ·

    Not completely useless, but made me think that it would be a list and description of nodes. I know that the definition of the cheat sheet is open, but that felt a bit of an account growth trick (from someone that works in this area)...

  • Martin Aversa(cgtin) ·

    Same here, Taste. Great thing to have opened in another tab and check every now and then :)

  • Taste ·

    Unlike salty peter, I took the time to download this free PDF and look at it. There are useful tips on the first 2 pages and the last page are useful shortcuts. You can of course not download this and read the Blender manual. But I had this PDF and I am faster with geometry nodes than Peter!

  • P
    Peter Favinger(PFavinger) ·
    At first glance the title makes me think that I will be learning considerably more than just hotkeys and socket colors. The title of this "cheatsheet" should be something more like "Geometry Nodes HotKeys List".