ASSEMBLE: Introduction to Procedural Modeling with Geometry Nodes in Blender

Jonathan Lampel

Create your own 3D theme park with Blender's procedural modeling toolset Geometry Nodes

Geometry Nodes is a powerful way to create and modify 3d objects. Since this method of modeling is completely new to Blender, both beginners and experts alike will have to learn the fundamentals of this new system from scratch. You do not need to be a Blender pro or a math whiz to learn Geometry Nodes!

In Assemble, CG Cookie instructor Jonathan Lampel will guide you through the learning curve one step at a time so that you can begin to create your own geometry effects. The course is focused on the #1 practical use case for Geometry Nodes, which is piecing together modular assets to create models with adjustable and animatable properties, but the concepts that are taught are foundational to any Geometry Nodes project.

The course is intermediate level, and it’s expected that you are comfortable with the Blender interface, understand the basics of 3d modeling, and are familiar with shading nodes.

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Course Overview

Chapter 1

The Basics of Geometry Nodes

We’ll start with the basics of Geometry Nodes such as how it fits into the modifier stack, what the colors and shapes of the node sockets mean, what attributes are & how to use them, and how to know if you should model something by hand or with nodes.

Chapter 2

Generating a Ferris Wheel

You’ll learn about the most essential nodes, and create a few node groups that you can reuse in any project. The main concepts include instancing models, creating arrays of assets, generating new geometry, snapping pieces together, and optimizing the node graph for better performance.

Chapter 3

Generating a roller coaster track

You’ll make a roller coaster track that’s generated along a custom curve and a cart that reliably moves along the track at any speed. Along the way you’ll learn about aligning objects to curves, using conditional properties, raycasting, solving equations with nodes, and procedural animation.

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3 Reviews
  • InsulinDealer ·

    Such a good course to get Geometry nodes figured out. I had minimal knowledge prior to taking this course and walked away pretty confident with what I can do. Had to rewatch a couple videos a few times to really grasp everything but so far its the best course I have completed.

  • Martin Aversa(cgtin) ·

    Great Geo Nodes course, a bit hard to follow maybe, but it is so well explained and with such detail that anyone that has the patience to re-watch the videos should be able to finish the course :)

  • Dani Tufeld(danitufi) ·

    Enjoyed the detailed explanations and step by step walk thru