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  • Art of Blender

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    The Blender community is full of talented artists and the Art of Blender is a great medium to showcase the incredible work that is produced through this open source software.

    Books are now on sale for only 22USD for one week!
    • Book Size: 8.75″ x 11″ Portrait
    •  Book Type: Hard Cover
    •  Binding: Smyth Sewn, cased-in, Square Back, head/tail bands
    •  Pages:162
    •  Paper Quality: Gold East matte paper, printing full color throughout.
    •  Available: Now
    •   Regular Price: $38.95 – On sale now for only $22!

    Download PDF Preview

    What is in the Art Book?


    In this book you will see some of the Blender Foundation Films being featured; Big Buck Bunny, Sintel and Tears of Steel, along side other great Blender short films such as Caminandes, Kajimba, Piero, Tube Project (Wires for Empathy), and Project London.

    In the gallery section of the book, we have over 50 individual artists featured showing off their work. Artists such as Andrew Price, Lucas Falcao, Reynante Martinez, Josh Maule, Nita Ravaljii, Jonathan Lampel and many more. The gallery showcases final renders along with a few breakout pieces where the artist talks on how the images were created. Full credit sheet will be available soon.

    Ordering Tips

    Depending on where you are located, be sure to check out shipping rates and times.

    • United States: Order direct from CG Cookie for 2-3 day shipping via USPS for $8
    • International: Recommended you order from  Blender E-shop,  cheaper and faster shipping rates available! Please note that CG Cookie special offers and packaging may not be available via the e-shop.

    Books are being shipped via USPS. Domestic shipments will be sent via Priority Mail for $8. International shipments sent via Priority Mail for $38. Again for international orders please check out the Blender E-shop for cheaper shipping rates and faster delivery times.


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