Blender Basics

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Blender Basics

If you’re new to the Blender 3D creation suite then you’re in the right place! With this free course Jonathan Williamson walks you through your first steps with Blender, helping you conquer the initial learning curve. It’s designed for beginners – even those whom have no experience with 3D whatsoever.

Getting Started with Blender

Learn the raw basics of Blender to get you over the initial learning curve.

Get Started with the Basics of Blender

If you’re new to Blender then you’re in the right place! Through this free course I’m going to walk you through your first steps with Blender, helping you conquer the initial learning curve. This free course is designed for beginners, even those whom have no experience with 3D whatsoever.

I will help you start moving in 3D, showing you how to navigate Blender’s 3D viewport and how to add, remove, and manipulate objects. Additionally I’ll introduce you to Blender interface, helping you overcome it’s quirks and use them to your advantage.

Next steps?

If these Blender Basics have piqued your interest then the next step is to learn modeling. Lucky for you we have a complete course designed just to get you started with the Fundamentals of Mesh Modeling in Blender. The mesh modeling fundamentals is a part of our membership, which is built specifically for aspiring Blender artists like yourself, enabling you to ramp up your skills quick through clear, concise, and structured learning.

If you’re using Blender with anything but a 3-button mouse, then read this page to learn how to Emulate a 3-button Mouse.

Lesson Questions and Answers

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  • Replies: 0

    Ah I’ll just buy a mouse its easier lol

    24 mins ago

  • Replies: 1

    Is there anyway of operating this with a laptop/mousepad?

    28 mins ago

    • Replies: 0

      You sure can! Blender has full multi-touch support, so any modern trackpad should just work. It’s just much trickier to work comfortably and so a 3-button mouse is highly recommended.

      27 mins ago

  • Replies: 1

    I see there are some differences between Blender 2.73 and 2.78 hotkeys isn’t they are universal ? It’s kind of weird. I have blender compatible with Maya. Where can I check the list of hotkeys installed on my computer and how. I would be really thankful

    21 hours ago

    • Replies: 0

      Aside from a few obscure ones there should be no significant differences in the hotkeys between 2.73 and 2.78.

      You can check which keymap you’re using via File > User Preferences > Input.

      26 mins ago

  • Replies: 1

    Why I can’t play your videos??? Pls fix it

    3 weeks ago

    • Replies: 0

      Typically video failures are due to ad/javascript blockers. Try disabling any of those you have, or whitelisting and

      3 weeks ago

  • Replies: 1

    I don’t understand, My 3 key mouse won’t allow me to do anything but zoom. Please Help

    3 weeks ago

    • Replies: 0

      You need to press it down like a click

      3 weeks ago

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