How can I create product mockups?

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Hi I am learning blender so I can create product mockups, ranging from perfume bottles to potato chip bags, or carton boxes that look believable. What series of courses should I look into to make the best realistic looking product mockups?

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    What I'd suggest, is to start with these courses:

    If you are completely new to Blender:

    Otherwise you might jump in at:

    Followed by:


    And then you can begin modeling with:

    This last Course can be taken anywhere after the Blender3 Basics; it's pretty independant from the other three.

    There will be a lot more to learn, but you will have a solid (and necessary) basis to work on.

  • Omar Domenech replied

    For product shots your focus has to be in producing great compositions. So not only doing 3D, but having a great eye for photography and appealing arrangements. So I'd say you can also take courses on photography and how to make images pop with dynamic ranges and post-production.

    When it comes to 3D is tricky, because one thing follows another. For example, you really need to know how to do great lighting for achieving great compositions. But your lighting will not work if you don't have great texturing and shading work on your model, and your texturing and shading depends on great UV layout and that depends on having a great model that subdivides correctly and if your model is not modeled correctly then all the errors on the model will probably come to light while doing lighting. So you see, you basically need to have a great model, that can UV correctly, so that you can texture it correctly so you can do some great shading so the your appealing lighting and compositions work correctly. So first thing's first, learn how to model efficiently and correctly. 

    I like doing product shots and I love that it requires mastery of the whole pipeline and more. So don't be discouraged, all the contrary, it's awesome all the stuffs to look forward to.  

  • dan xue(dark_arts_ninja) replied

    Thanks MMartin Bergwerf @Omar Domenech for the good info. I now shall retreat and put this knowledge to good use.

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