Shop Upgrade

The current shop was functional, though was not as user friendly as we would like. This goes for the front end and even the admin back-end.  We were finding ourselves hammering a bit at the code to force it to do things that it really just wasn't meant to do.  One of our goals is to try and make using CG Cookie a "warm fuzzy" experience. With the main goal of reducing the need to over that help desk button. ;) Today we've officially moved over to a new shop system using our lead developers plugin called "Easy Digital Downloads" by Pippin Williamson.  This system is a perfect match for CG Cookie and was developed by the main custom plugin developer whom works on CG Cookie. Makes sense right? ;)  purchase_history

Initial new features

There are a bit of back-end improvements that will reduce our need to curse at the computer screen, though here are some you may experience!
  • Updated Downloads Tab in your account page. Meaning if you've purchased items from CG Cookie. It "should" be there now if it was made within the last year. Here you may access your downloads without having to e-mail the Cookie Crew. 
  • Downloadable PDF invoice of your transaction.
  • Cleaner download e-mails.. In the past the download links would be named CG Cookie Download. You would have no idea what was hiding behind that link. Now the products are delivered in a clean format, labelled and the download size listed!
unity_tools   Thanks for hanging with us on the site and a bunch for updates are coming to the site in the coming months.

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