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Our community is making awesome stuff with the help of our professional instructors.

Join us to learn the techniques, skills, and software needed to master 3D animation, visual effects, and more.

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3D Animation and Visual Effects

Learn to create 3D renderings for games, film or architectural visualizations through hundreds of full courses and tutorials across our network.

3D education is offered for 3D Studio Max, and Blender!

3D Printing

Find out how to take your digital creations and bring them into the real world through 3D printing.¬†With topics ranging from creating print-ready models to working with resin-based printers we’ve got you covered.

Concept Art and Design

Explore the creative process of drawing and painting conceptual artwork and design. Expand your ability to visualize ideas for characters, creatures, environments and more.

Game Development with Unity

Learn how to make your own games in Unity 3D through complete courses, practical tutorials, and quick tips. Find out how to create game-ready assets, interactive environments, and develop your workflow to bring your ideas to life!

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