Debbie Blackwell

Level 3

Rank: 641
My education is in interior design. Shortly after graduating from the university I worked a few years in my field and accidentally got involved with working in television in Palm Springs Ca. I was doing CAD at the time and one of my friends asked if I help with graphics as they had a bunch of new software programs. Make a long story short I got good at couple of the software programs I had at my disposal one was called Topas and the other Autodesk 3d studio max. The Tv station was so interested in doing animated transitions and more that they sent me do classes at UCLA. I finally started freelance work from the tv studio, I was doing 3d transitions for TV commercials, 30 sec spots and some infomercial work that was in the 90's. I had a reciprocal trade agreement with NBC and I could use their gear as long as I worked the tv spots they gave me . It was a great time in my life. But life goes on I got married and had twins so, I stopped doing any artwork. I decided to stop freelancing and to get a real job as waiting twelve hours for a frame to render back then just wasn't that profitable, I literately remember doing everything to keep my computer cool so that my system would not crash. I couldn't afford Maya then as the pricing then was not attainable for the average person and 3d studio was not as good as Maya and that was what wanted if you wanted to work in the film studios in Los Angeles so I let go of my dreams go and raised a family and taught for awhile. About eight months ago someone told me that 3d animation programs had changed a lot since I worked on them and that I could pickup a open source animation program called Blender for free, I couldn't believe it. Blender is really awesome. All I can say is wow thank you Blender my desire to do animation is slowly becoming a reality. I'm really enjoying dabbing back into what is my real passion. I'm hoping to get good enough at blender to do anything I want with it. Thank you CGCookie for making a learning environment that is affordable for anyone who has a desire do art.