Neil Jenkinson

Level 5

Rank: 73
A Chartered Mechanical Engineer, who is a 3D Blender hobbyist. First dabbled in 3D CAD using Microstation V8 in 2001, then when my Son thought about computer game development as a career purchased Lightwave 9.6, but couldn't afford to keep updating so found Blender just as 2.49 was being superseded by 2.5, good job as 2.49 was mind bogglingly difficult to understand. I have been working with Blender now off and on for 7 years, but only just feel confident to have a go at my own work. I have learnt almost everything from CGCookie and would recommend a Citizen Membership to access the countless excellent tutorials and the new work flows provide a good introduction to all the functionality of the 3D arts, my advice is note down things whilst watching the tutorials because you always learn something new, and can use your notes to recall where you learnt a technique to use in your own work. Now working with SolidWorks 3D CAD for Engineering Design, but Blender is still my favourite as it provides so many functions all in one package. Combined with GIMP you have everything you need to produce unlimited original ideas, unfortunately I don't have many of those. Always pleased to support CG Cookie and the Blender Cloud, and will continue to do so as long as finances allow. I would fully recommend a Citizen Membership as it's excellent value for the money. I you're interested in what I'm up to on a more regular basis then I started a website and blog last year, just for me to keep track of what I'm achieving (or not) over the months ahead, visit if you wish at