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Unfortunately, I haven't learnt anything from CG cookie yet, because I haven't been on tutorials as much, but I believe I know how to create some stuff. I know a decent amount of 3D and how it works. I know how to animate, but unfortunately can't because I don't have my own computer, yet. I am 19 and have known blender for almost 8 - 9 years ... I have not used it then but when I saw how great it was , I didn't think it was open source, until I recently remembered about it and downloaded it... I have now been using it properly and still; learning more about it by doing some tests :) - I also happen to paint textures which I will upload soon! - P.S I am so happy because I just created my profile pic with blender 4/13/17 (Thursday) Cover photo needs to change, that one is temporary. Anyway you heard enough of me, you can go on and look at some good content by other artists on cgcookie :) beebye