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  • Familiar Faces

    Exercise: Familiar Faces

  • Face Tracking Setup

    Lesson: Face Tracking Setup

  • Face and Hair

    Lesson: Face and Hair

  • Controlling Face Poses with Blend Shapes

    Lesson: Controlling Face Poses with Blend Shapes

  • Finalizing the Face

    Lesson: Finalizing the Face

  • Exploring Edit Mode

    Lesson: Exploring Edit Mode

  • Detailing the face

    Lesson: Detailing the face

  • Face Tracking Examples

    Lesson: Face Tracking Examples

  • Face Tracking Occlusion

    Lesson: Face Tracking Occlusion

  • Face Mask App

    Lesson: Face Mask App

  • Head and Face

    Lesson: Head and Face

  • Polishing the Face

    Lesson: Polishing the Face

  • Retopologizing the Face

    Lesson: Retopologizing the Face

  • Face Match I

    Lesson: Face Match I

  • Perimeter, Detail, and Fill Loops

    Lesson: Perimeter, Detail, and Fill Loops

  • Animation Polish: Face & Eyes

    Lesson: Animation Polish: Face & Eyes

  • Facial Expressions

    Exercise: Facial Expressions

  • Face Match II (Timelapse)

    Lesson: Face Match II (Timelapse)

  • Analysis & Block Out

    Lesson: Analysis & Block Out

  • Rigging the Head & Face

    Lesson: Rigging the Head & Face