Compositing 2D Motion Blur in Blender

Guest Instructor

Adding 2D Motion Blur in the Compositor

Compositing elements into live-action footage is one of the most common visual effects tasks. Those elements could be patches, fixes, matte paintings, other pieces of footage, CG objects, or even plane tracks. Regardless of what it is, it's going to have to match the live-action footage in every way possible, and one of the most important is making sure it is motion blurred correctly. In fact, with some cameras today, such as the very popular GoPro cameras, it is very hard to have something moving fast enough to capture motion blur, due to the high shutter speed. That footage tends to look strobed and very uncinematic. Adding motion blur to the entire shot would really help it! Unfortunately, Blender's compositor doesn't yet have a simple way to generate motion blur on elements you've tracked in, or to calculate full frame motion blur based on pixel movement. However, with a simple workaround, it's actually very easy to generate accurate motion blur for elements or footage.

Two Motion Blur Techniques

In this short series, we'll show you two examples of adding 2D motion blur in Blender:

  • 01. Adding motion blur to a plane track
  • 02. Adding full frame motion blur to a shot

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