Work in Progress Project for (fundamentals of 3d mesh modeling course) Work In Progress

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Hi all, this is the stage I reached in working on that project, I want to make a room in an old Egyptian house, like in 1800s or the beginnings of 1900s ..

To be working on the tables and the sofas..

For now I'm using placeholders for the sofas and the tables, and also will put another thing on the big tray, some stuff on the tray that's before the window, and others on the side tables, and maybe some small thing on the window wall.

It's taking time because I'm restricted to work only using mesh modeling, not using modifiers or anything else because of the course...

Hope it's good..

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's looking good. One of the things to nail at first is the lighting and it feels great. Keep working on the scene, it's going to turn out great.

    • Nourhan Naim(nourhan_naim) author

      Thanks a lot, I hope so ..
      Actually the light I used was the light included in the project file (sun light), duplicated it and experimented a little with it .. I only changed (a little) its position to suit the feeling of the oldness or vintage, changed its color, and maybe I changed its strength a little bit (I can't remember), because I wanted to make it suitable for the style of the room ...
      and also the camera ..
      And also (second source of light is) they put faces behind the window, with emission, I extruded the part (of the face) that's behind the small opened window, to be able to open it without the face being in its way..
      And the rest of lighting effect (don't probably know how to name this :D), they're doing something in the compositing making it look more cool (I don't know anything about compositing :D) ..

      and thanks a lot again :)