Wooden Chairs Final

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Hi 👋 everyone,
I just wanted to share my first personal project in 2024 and first project with 4.0.

It's a render of several wooden chairs.

I became interested in adding Substance Painter to my workflow after watching the TREAD tutorial and impulsively bought it earlier this month😅.

To practice using Substance Painter, I use three chairs as a reference:

  • The YKSI chair from Fredericia Furniture
  • The Frida Lounge chair from Vincent Shepperd
  • A tub chair that I found on Pinterest

What do you think?

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dangs that is fantastic Daniel. I love me some product visualization, there's something to them, how you can focus on one thing and do some chill lighting and make the product pop. Awesome job man 🤙🏼

  • Looks really nice, very good representation of the actual product.
    Little nitpick: On the Yksi chair I would take the bum/displacement down to a very small value. Seat and backrest should not have sharp grain edges like that, it would typically be sanded down to a smooth finish so it won't pull threads on clothing etc. Or slathered to the death with paint so it's all smooth like on the Frida.

    • Daniel Yudistira(eksldpf) author

      Wow, thanks for the great advice. I didn't really think about that approach.
      Yes, with current level of displacement, the YKSI will definitely rip a cloth apart.