Wooden Apple Final

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Wanted to practice procedural textures on an old project, and what better way than making a wooden apple :)

Thanks to Ryan King Art: Procedural Wood Floor (Blender Tutorial)

  • Good work!
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  • Adrian

    That is really nice looking wood
    Top job 👍

  • Looking at this makes my teeth hurt... Nice work though. Cool textures, lighting, and the leaf is nice.

    • Brian Dixon(Brlee75) author

      Thank you. The Leaf was a png, used a bump node and set the material to alpha clip, couldnt believe how well it turned out, for such little effort.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dude that looks so good. Not just the weird idea of a wooden apple, but the colors, composition and lighting. Looks so appealing and great. I'd name the piece "A Termite's Breakfast".

    • Brian Dixon(Brlee75) author

      A Termite's Breakfast, I like it. The lighting took me a while to do, really wanted some nice highlights on the apple.