WIP Industrial Robot Arm Work In Progress

Been honing my hard surface skills for the Collab this year by modeling a large scale industrial bot arm. It’s based on a real world Fanuc robot but once I get the basics down, I’ll start changing things around. Might even try rigging for the first time. This is the blockout with a first pass at some detail. Still hashing out ideas for a claw.

UPDATE: 04/13: It may not look a lot different but the booleans are a lot cleaner now. I just need another day to finish up major shapes and then I'll start kitbashing and adding some cables. As for a claw, I may ditch the traditional grabber design in favor of something with magnetic pads to pick up large flat objects.

UPDATE: 04/17: Some materials, smaller details and cables. Not finished by any means but a decent start.

UPDATE 04/28: Some kitbashing and cable work. I also created my first rig ever so I could tell what ranges of motion I am working with. This will help determine how to model some of the remaining pieces. 

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