Winter Survival Final

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This is my entry for the Ice and Snow challenge. I got the idea from a game I play sporadically: The Long Dark. It's a survival game, set in the post-apocalyptic Canadian wilderness. Wolves are very aggressive in the game, and constantly attacking (which isn't very realistic, I know).

I tried to tell a bit of a story with the picture, hopefully it comes through. I'll refrain from explaining it in detail, because that seems kind of lame.

I'm a little mixed on my feelings on the project. I felt like I had a cool concept, but as is often the case, it got a little muddled in the execution. Still I managed to express the general idea, and it's definitely better than the last time I participated in a challenge.

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  • TLD is one of my favorite games ever so, of course, I love this piece a lot!

    • jammingammon author

      Thanks! Fun fact: I lost an 80 day Stalker run during the making of this. Blood loss after running out of bandages from multiple wolf attacks. Bled out trying to craft a bandage from my climbing socks. Nooo.

    • coyo (coyohti)

      Oh nooo! 80 days is a good run! Have you got the 100 days achievement yet? I gave up trying to get it on Stalker and am doing it on Voyageur in order to learn the areas I don't know well (HRV and Ash Canyon).

    • jammingammon author

      Haven't got to 100 days yet, no. I probably could if I played it safe and hung around Mystery Lake for long enough. I like exploring though, so I tend to get caught out in a blizzard, or mauled by hostile wildlife eventually.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    You are doubting yourself too much, which is good. The concept is expressed very well in just one picture. Composition is great, lighting is great, art style is cute and fun, looks great all over. The little bity thing I'd say is that maybe a little depth of field would've help just the tiniest amount, everything is in focus, even the parts far away. Also some atmospherics effect for the background, some more fog. The mountains seems to have it but the sky is very clear. But its just nitpicking, it feels and look excellent all over. Two thumbs up.

    • jammingammon author

      Thanks Omar.
      I tried a bit with the fog, as you said. I had a hard time balancing the fog and lighting with visibility in the scene. It does feel like it could use a little more though. Also, showing the wolf or the hunters cold breath would've been a cool touch. A little depth of field is a good idea, I hadn't even thought of that.