Wild West Town Final

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Archviz Practice, Focus on ground and scatter, and sense of distance with adding fog. And Sunrise lighting Animation.

Video Animation and Breakdown on Artstation:

Models Buildings from Sketchfab by:

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That looks amazing. I think maybe the sky feels a little overblown, you can see it on the left side of the image, it's clipping heavily. Perhaps bringing back some of the blue in the sky could help it look even more realistic, a nice gradient from top to bottom and reduce the light intensity. It looks freaking good so that's just nit picky.

    • Tobias Schmid(benkroft) author

      oh yeah true, i need to check with false color in the future. locked natural for me, but forgot to check my references. always improving. Thanks

    • Tobias Schmid(benkroft) author

      Added the updated Version, much better in my eyes.

  • There is a sense of distance and depth, and the ground is realistic enough (maybe a bit too white, almost like covered in cement dust: could use some sandy/brownish colouring, I think).
    I’d make the fog rise higher though, at least to the rooftops, thinning out very gradually: I haven’t seen it hug the ground this low (which, of course, doesn’t mean that it can’t: just a suggestion), and I’d also add some colouring to the sky: never seen it so white, especially at sunrise.

    • Tobias Schmid(benkroft) author

      a bit more color could help, maybe my lightintesity removes too much color, i check that. higher fog gradually fades may help as well, although i wantet to make the impression that the sandcorns are bareley moveing on the ground, it is not intended to be fog or mist.
      Need to find reference animations next time. Good input