Weather Radio Final

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This started as a sci-fi crate exercise, and then I practiced all the skills I could remember from the console lesson and over-complicated it.

It's a little weather radio! I definitely spent too much time on this, but it was fun. Here it is animated in a random forest on a random surface with a random golden monkey head and no composition to speak of, so I can show off all the lighting details I slapped onto it.

Imagine the radio has music playing when it turns on, because I have no idea how to add audio to it, yet. Also some thunder.

I still want to set up some decent lighting at and take better stills, but I'm out of steam. I don’t enjoy lighting as much as modeling, so far. Maybe after I get through the Fundamentals of Lighting course.

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  • Add the Thunder and wind, light it with a lightning bolt. Add rocking with the wind to animation
    Nice model. Worth the time you spent.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It turned out great man, it was not a simple challenge, and you pulled it off. And we got animations and a golden monkey. What more can we ask for. Excellent job.