Viking Longboat Work In Progress

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I'm here so far, I'll continue to update the project when I have more to show :)

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's a work in progress, it'll progress, but right now it looks like it's going in the right direction. A whole scene like that is a challenge, so much stuff to do, so many details to look after. I like that last shot where you see the boat and the whole environment. Feels like it's going to a destination. Keep working it Martin 🤟🏼

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      Gracias Omar! I'm going with them if possible hahah
      More coming in the next few days

  • The ocean itself—the water—and the fog are excellent: very realistic; and so is the kinda-cloudy sky.
    The first thing I would improve is—well, oars don’t grow out of—or through—the sides of a boat, do they? This is from the Wikipedia article about longboats: ‘The oars did not use rowlocks or thole pins but holes cut below the gunwale line. To keep seawater out, these oar holes were sealed with wooden disks from the inside, when the oars were not in use. The holes were also used for belaying mooring lines and sail sheets. At the bow the forward upper futtock protruded about 400 mm (16 inches) above the sheerline and was carved to retain anchor or mooring lines.’
    Oh yes, and the sun may also be a bit too high and bright for these obviously high latitudes: remove the ice floes and icebergs, and the scene would look tropical.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      That's great info! Thanks a lot :)
      I am still working on it so I'll have this very much in mind