VFX Ian Hubert style Final

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I wanted to try an Ian Hubert-ish shot, so I... did.

He's a vfx artist and film maker that's been using Blender since forever, and in a really smart way, here is his youtube channel

The idea behind the fx is to use a small set, and with a bit of motion tracking and 3d-setup you can end up with a wider shot. Since this was my first time, the planning wasn't great and my wider shot is not that wider, but lesson learned for the future.

The process goes like:

 - Upload your raw footage to blender
 - Motion track it
 - Block out the shapes for the interior walls
 - Block out the shapes for your new virtual set (e.g. exterior walls, environment, etc)
 - Add a new material to the interior walls (emission)
 - Give it an image texture that is the movie clip
 - Set it to align to the camera
 - Finish up the virtual set (materials, etc)
 - If you align the walls properly, and you have windows in your scene, you can just knife them out and add an Image as Planes behind to have a new background


Of course it has its limitations, but it is a smart, fast, and cheap way to craft a story without having a real set :)

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  • Really nicely done, particularly if this is a first attempt!

    It looks like you have the motion tracking down, and your wall textures really fit the scene. Since I have to ask, you've managed to merge the VFX elements pretty well with actual footage. (Somebody with more experience might be able to pick apart the scene better than I). Is the only "real" thing in the the woman in the chair, what she's drinking, and the computer desk setup? Are all the walls and the couch images as planes and/or image projections?

    Edit: The exterior wall is a bit more obviously a modeled wall.
    Edit the 2nd: Love Ian Hubert's work AND Lazy Tutorials. It seems like he gets hours of content into a couple minutes.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      Thank you!
      I've updated the project showing an image of the actual footage, everything inside is captured by the camera and projected as the image texture for the whole interior.
      She is drinking "mate", local Argentinian kind of tea. Its dried herbs into a cup, which you keep refilling with hot water :)
      The compositing in post has a lot to do with the integration of 3d and footage! Its amazing how much it changes

      Lazy Tutorials rock!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Turned out great. I used to do this kinds of stuff all the time at my day job, in the office where I work at and people used to give me a funny look like what da hell is this guy doing. Keep devouring courses and tutorials man, it's all awesome.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      ahaha awesome!
      Thanks! Yeaah I'll keep at it! its only getting worse :) (my addiction to Blender heh)