Vertex Light Shaders - Artist Friendly Geometry Nodes Vertex Lighting Final

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First BIG public release of geometry nodes setup for cheating lighting with vertex colors and making retro content. HUGE emphasis on making a user friendly experience.

This took just over 3 weeks to make and I also had to learn a LOT about geometry nodes. This was originally meant to be a tool for making retro lighting setups but has since evolved into a general purpose tool that could be used to cheat lighting in regular renders for background elements. Diffuse shader included that mixes real lights with the vertex lights in both EEVEE and CYCLES

1. A user friendly workflow designed around collections, modifiers and adding lights from the asset browser
2. Unlimited lights and light groups, all based off of how much your computer can handle, but no arbitrary limits otherwise
3. Multiple light types, from point to spot with realistic and retro falloff, and even box fill and an environment noise light.
4. Simple light effects from highlights to noise and simple shadows based on geometry normals
5. Color attribute mixing to allow for base color, highlight, and shadow layers; to complement existing vertex painting work flows.
6. The ability to bake color attributes for export content by applying the modifier; both color attribute and UV channels
7. Example material shaders for simple retro fake light mixing and a diffuse shader that allows you to use vertex lights with regular lights in both EEVEE and Cycles

this was really fun to make and will hopefully increase my retro game making work flow. once I figure out where and how to host it will be free while just requiring attribution.

i need to figure out a good free place to host this but for now, a link to it hosted on my synology nas, i was wanting to put it on blender market but i guess i got to get reviewed for that and provide tax info. guess I'll figure it out but for now, share link from my nas and on discord

Let me know if this is not aloud on cg cookie and I will remove the link i'll figure something else out. :)

- itera / Sean of hopefully soon [patina games]

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  • I love the retro tools you make; I swear I'm going to give them a try when I have time to work with 3D again

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      Itera author

      Thanks! i've got a couple of them i've been working on but this one seemed like a good portfolio piece to share! if there's better ways to do it then more people use it!

  • Really awesome and technical stuff <3

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      Itera author

      thanks! it was a huge learning experience! I now know a ton on how geometry node attributes work and how to store and retrieve data but not much on the actual geometry part! if i do end up delving into the geometry bit i now know how to add empties with perimeters, maybe it could turn into window placement or pipe pieces or whatever else for procedural level creation! the repeat node is amazing!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    The wonderful technical world of Patina, is how I call it. You know I love how the screenshots look, I don't know why they remind me of Mario 64 and I get all this nostalgia. I'll never get to understand all the technical stuff you do, but it sure is cool 😎

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      Itera author

      you are EXACTLY on point. this addon is actually specifically made for making content for retro games from the 5th and 6th generation of consoles. I have been making tools for level making including a texture system that kinda works like quake but with the ability to texture splatter and also I ported fake tri point filtering to blender which is the diamond shaped texture filtering seen on early SGI computers and the Nintendo 64! i've been trying to make the process of making this retro content take days instead of weeks. I tried making a retro level using modern material systems and the lighting also just didn't look right. sacrifice the present for the future!