Vase Of Flowers Final

I followed the Andrew Price (Blender Guru) flower tutorial - which was wonderful - to make the leaves. Although, I added a few extra things such as a bump map to make the flowers even more realistic. And of course, I made my own composition, vase, and color-grading, etc.
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  • The flowers look a bit stiff but I love the vase shader. Great job dude.

  • Heck yeah man, go through and make it awesome! :) I didnt know it was in BR. I'm with you there; I know nothing of BR much. Cycles all the way. The flower tutorial os in cycles. Super easy to follow and the materials are surprisingly simple. I look forward to seeing your renditions! They will be awesome :)

  • I thought I had already followed you from the last time we spoke but I musn't have, sorry.
    Yeh its coming on great but I didn't realise It was done In Blender Render which I have never used (im a cycles man) . I only noticed after I had modelled it all so Im going to push through and try to render it anyway :) should have results up soon :) Was the flower tutorial in cycles? Ill have to check that in fuure before I begin as im not really interested in learning BR as I heard its going to be phased out eventually as cycles is the future.

  • Thanks so much frikkr! And thanks for the follow. :)
    You'll have to post your results of the underground subway scene! I look forward to seeing it! :) I need to redo that one. I couldn't finish it last time because I didn't have a good computer at the time lol.

  • Wow, nice one dude :) I love it. I was looking at doing this tutorial the other day but Im currently doing his underground subway scene so Ill wait to finish that first. Love that vase :) very cool. Keep it up :)