Usual beginner staff :) Final

Hi all, I am new, I have just finished my first tutorial, so I know this scene is very popular in Blender community :) so this one is mine :)
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  • Oh. You're absolutely right. I've never noticed that before.

  • If I may ask... CG cookie looks great, but a lot of their tutorials for Blender are focused mainly on animation and characters. I do not want to focus on this kind of stuff. I would like to also improve to pro (At least I can try it now for 3 days), but for example there are not tutorials for interior or achitectural visualisations. Am I wrong? Are there such tutorials which are not focused on animation which I dont see as casual member?

  • You are most welcome my friend. It all comes with practice. I also make a lot of these mistakes.

    I used to scour YouTube for people who make videos like Andrew. But it is really counter-productive. While you DO learn some really nice things, the fundamentals aren't all there. Which is why I decided to sign-up to CGCookie's PRO service. You know exactly what you're paying for.

    What you could learn for free on YouTube in a year is what you could learn from CGCookie in like 2-4 months and not only are the tutors here really knowledgeable but they are also great TEACHERS, which is rare anywhere else.

    Best of luck to you Jankasimka. May your future renders be flawless!

  • Thanks a lot, I was so focused on donuts so I didnt realize these another object needs attention too :) I hope I will get better at spotting problems before posting. Thanks for comment :) I really value it, because it helps me with motivation to next projects :) these were one day project.... so it looks like it :) PS.: I have one teacher of Blender at home, so if I have problem he has a lot of experience, so it is easier for me only ask him, but he encourage me to find answers on the internet, so I really like Andrew and people who mekes these kind of videos :) U also learned Blender like this?

  • Ahh, Andrew Price. I miss that guy. You've done well! But the saucer has some noticeable edges. Always be on the lookout for those. They're pesky and always get in the way of a beautiful render.

    You're on the right track. Keep it up!