Tropical Press Start Final

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A week ago I couldn’t figure out how to move the view in Blender, and now I have this lovely animated console to play with. These lessons are so detailed and thoughtfully created! I’ve been saying “I’ll learn how to use Blender one day” for about 18 years but never got past the default cube until now.

I wanted to make it more tropical, so I changed the colors, made a label, and found an appropriate stock video. I also did some googling to figure out how to animate the button press.

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  • comn author

    Thanks! I'm going to keep going through the fundamentals courses until I run out of steam

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That is some lovely Press Start result. Definitely jump right in into creating another awesome thing.

  • Adrian

    Awesome Comn!
    What a wonderful default cube transformation.
    Well done on completing the course.
    Don't stop there for another 18 years,
    Any decision on your next challenge?